Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Would you work in a high pressure, fast paced restaurant for no wages? Would you go to Italy and work for nothing just so you could soak up all the food culture you could? No, you probably wouldn't but Bill Buford did and he wrote a book about it. It's an eye opening glimpse into the world of a famous chef's (Mario Batali) restaurant empire and into the world of cooking and food preparation in Italy. This hardback edition of this book is available for $12.50.

This long out of print little book is full of quirky and interesting food facts and trivia. It's a fun easy read and I guarantee you that if you read it that you'll love it. It came out in the mid 1980's so some of the political and pop culture references are a bit dated but it's a fun book nonetheless. It's a steal at $6.


Wings said...

Er, is there gonna be a way to follow this site? I wanna know, Dr. Monkey!

Dr. Monkey said...

It's on the sidebar now Wings.

Wings said...

Thank you, Dr. Monkey!

Much appreciated. Now I can keep me eye on the booty your present here.